The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is making some very big profits by selling Christian nuns clothing and accessories.

According to the church, the profits will be donated to a variety of causes.

This is a great opportunity for Christian nuns to promote their cause and get some big money out of it.

A few items that are being sold are: 1.

A new set of Saint Bernard Shoes: This is an awesome set of shoes that the sisters have created.

You can purchase it for only $20.

The shoes are made in France and they have a lifetime guarantee.


A Christian nuns shirt: A nun’s shirt is something that is very common these days.

But if you are a Christian, you will be thrilled with this new shirt that is available in many colors and styles.


A pair of Christian nun panties: They are very popular among Christian nuns because they are soft and very comfortable.

The nuns panty is designed in the style of the old nuns underwear and is a very popular item among Christian women.


A cute Christian nun dress: This new pair of nun panties is a nice pair of shorts, a nice top and a cute skirt.

If you are looking for a new pair, you can find them at some stores like Target and Walmart.


A set of a Christian nun shirt: This set is a really cute pair of pants and is available at Target and


A special set of Christian nuns shoes: You can get these shoes from Target.

They are available at some retailers like Target, Wal-Mart and Target, plus other Christian retailers like and Target Express.


A unique set of Christened clothes: These are handmade in a small factory in France.

They come in various styles and colors.

These are available for $39.99 at Target.


A collection of Saint Bernards shoes: This sets of shoes are available from Target and, including a special set made specifically for the sisters.

They also come in a variety, from pink and black to red and blue.

The sets come with a lifetime warranty and come with the sisters’ own certificate of authenticity.


A piece of Christen clothes: This cute Christian girl costume comes with a special certificate of authentication and a certificate of Authenticity.

These girls are adorable and can be worn by anyone.

They have a great selection of Saint Mary and St Margaret’s clothes and also come with their own certificate and certificate of authenticity.

A sample set comes with Saint Bernard and Saint Margaret’s shoes and a set of St Mary and Saint Elizabeth’s shoes.


A selection of St Bernard and St Mary shoes: These shoes come with Saint Bernard and Saint Mary’s certificate of authentic.

This set of clothing is available for only 30 bucks and comes with St Bernard’s certificate and St Elizabeth’s certificate.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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