The New Jersey governor is hoping to use his charitable foundation to help his state and help other countries fight climate change.

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook, Christie, whose wife, Mary Pat, has become a star in her own right, said that he would use his foundation to donate Christian clothing to people who need it.

“I’m looking at ways to help these countries and give them the clothes they need to fight climate collapse,” Christie said.

Christie has not yet announced how much money he will donate to the United Nations’ climate program.

He did not mention that he has made millions in investments in fossil fuel companies, like ExxonMobil.

However, the billionaire has a history of donating to causes that are controversial.

In December, he told the Wall Street Journal that the United States should withdraw from the Paris climate accord because of its environmental implications.

Christies’ office did not respond to a request for comment from The HuffingtonPost.

A spokesperson for the United Kingdom, which is the biggest donor to the UN program, said the prime minister has donated about £50 million to UN programs.

But David Cameron, who is currently prime minister of Britain, has criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United from the deal, saying he would like to see the United states remain in the deal.

Christy, who has repeatedly criticized Trump over climate change and the Paris deal, has been a vocal critic of the U.S. president.

ChristIEs stance on climate change has not been the only factor contributing to the global warming that Christie’s foundation is tackling.

Christie is also donating $500,000 to a program to fight AIDS in Africa.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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