American fashion designers had to learn how to work with an unfamiliar language when they launched their iconic garments in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

From the very first outfits, American designers knew their garments would have to be culturally appropriative, and this meant they would have the freedom to express their own cultures through the use of fabrics.

Today, designers can show the world what they have made, but in the early days they would not have known how to use a fabric. 

A garment from the 1950′s called the “black and white” dress can be seen here.

It was a very white garment, and designers had no way of telling how the color was supposed to be on a piece of fabric.

They were left with the task of using whatever fabrics they could find in the fabric shop.

In a very similar fashion, American fashion is often thought of as having a lack of diversity.

It’s not uncommon to see white, white, and brown clothing and shoes in the American fashion market.

Many designers think of the color of their clothing as an indication of its class, and they feel free to use whatever color suits the wearer.

The American fashion industry is, however, filled with many shades of color, and there are still a lot of designers that don’t know how to express the diversity in their work.

In the 1950´s and 60’s, designers had two primary goals in creating a color palette.

The first was to make clothes that would be recognizable to the American public, and the second was to keep the color from being confused with the colors of other countries.

In many cases, American designs would have worked better with colors that were similar to the colors from other countries, such as white and brown. 

In addition to creating a uniform color palette, American designer, designer John Lewis, created a style guide for designers. 

Lewis’s style guide gave designers the freedom they needed to express themselves in their designs, and it also gave them a blueprint for how to represent America in the fashion world.

It was a huge change in the way designers worked with color.

In 1950, it was not uncommon for designers to wear black or white clothes, but today there is an effort to bring some diversity into the fashion industry.

As designers, we must continue to do our part to be creative and embrace the color palette of our nation.

The fact that we have to change the way we dress in order to do so is a major step in the right direction, and we are doing it for the better.

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