In an effort to keep our shopping malls cool, we’ve all heard about the “cool” mall.

Cool, in the sense that people don’t go to malls for shopping anymore.

And there’s something to be said for that.

Cool malls are actually a lot more cool than they seem.

Here’s how to do it.

When to stay away from malls, when to go to them.

A good rule of thumb is to stay in the mall as much as possible, and if it’s crowded, to find a way to get out.

For example, if there’s a line at the register and there’s no line at your entrance, you’ll likely want to go in as soon as possible.

You’ll be more likely to get a good deal if you wait to go into the mall until there’s more people in line.

There are also some other things to consider when shopping at malls.

Make sure you’re there to shop.

This is the best way to save money.

If you’re shopping for clothes, don’t buy items on sale.

If your budget is tight, get as much of your shopping as possible on sale, or in smaller quantities.

If there’s an item you’re not sure about, you can ask the person behind the counter for clarification.

Avoid the malls.

Even though the malls are great for shopping, they’re not always the most efficient place to shop, especially if you’re coming from a more urban area.

If this is your first visit to a mall, remember that it’s the first time you’re ever going to see malls.

If a mall is busy, be patient.

Don’t get too frustrated.

If it takes a while for you to get your shopping done, you’re likely to be disappointed, so don’t be too discouraged.

You should also pay attention to how much people are talking and texting, and whether or not there’s anything to buy.

You might also be able to spot the person in the store who’s looking at you, or who’s wearing a certain item.

Be smart about your shopping habits.

If people are constantly talking about the shopping, that’s a sign that they’re shopping on impulse.

Make an effort, even if it means going through the same aisle twice or three times.

If the person you’re talking to is already there, they might be the one you want to talk to the most, so keep your shopping to a minimum.

The best part is that shopping is so much fun, and there are so many different places to shop that you can find something you like even if you don’t know someone else.

There’s also a whole slew of cool places to hang out at, including movie theaters, art galleries, and concerts.

Be prepared to spend money.

You’re going to spend at least a couple of dollars on clothing and shoes.

That’s okay, it’s totally worth it.

But if you want something more sophisticated, or you don, you should shop at your local thrift store or local specialty store, as well as online.

For an example of what to do if you get a bad deal on a piece of clothing, check out the clothing and accessories section of the site Sneaker News.

The site is a place to browse for inexpensive items, or to shop on special occasions.

Be careful not to buy too much at once.

If that’s your only option, make sure to look around.

It’s often a good idea to make a list of what you’re looking for and get a better idea of what’s available.

Be patient.

There may be some deals to be found, but it’s best to stick to your shopping budget.

If things get really busy, ask for help.

Some mall managers may not be that good at dealing with shoppers, so you might be able do a little bit of research online before making an appointment.

You can always call the mall and see if you can help.

If not, ask if they’ll refund your shopping.

You may find that you get to shop with them again soon enough.

When shopping at mall, don�t buy from the same person more than once.

Some malls may be more relaxed about this than others, but don�ts think that’s going to make it easy.

If one person buys from you more than you do, you may be left out of the loop.

This happens especially if a lot of people are going to be at the mall at the same time.

This means that if you think the person next to you has already been shopping at the store, you might want to ask for more space.

It could be tempting to give up on the deal, but there are still some ways to make the best out of it.

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