Clothing designer Christian Michael has created an outfit for a new generation of Christian nuns.

The outfits include a Christian dress with a cape, a Christian cape and a Christian vestment with a Christian cross on it.

The Christian Sisters of the Abbess of the Holy Spirit (COSAT) are a Christian organisation with more than 1,000 nuns in the UK.

Nuns at the Sisters of Mercy in Bournemouth were inspired to design a Christmas-themed collection of clothes to celebrate Christmas.

The COSAT sisters designed the clothes for the girls aged 11 and 12, aged between five and 15, and are now going to the nuns in Bruges, Belgium, for a three-week trial of the new collection.

“We decided that they need a little bit of a break, a bit of time to get comfortable and then we will see how it goes,” said Ms Michael.

“When we are on tour we will take them to a hotel and they will have a break and come back with a new outfit.”

Christmas is a really good time for us to make new clothes.

“This year we had our Christmas at home and this is the first time we are really in a Christmas setting.”

The sisters are also using the Christmas period to work on a new Christmas book.

They hope to publish the book next year.

The girls, aged from nine to 15, wore the outfits in a show called ‘Christians and the Arts’, which was held at the Brugge monastery.

“I think it’s a very positive thing to do because it is a beautiful day for us,” said Sister Rosalyn.

“It’s an opportunity to work together and to share our love for Christ and our love of the arts.”

The sisters who dress up will be doing their own Christmas celebrations.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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