Jedda al-Khan, a Christian clothing brand owned by Jeddal Ahmed, posted a video on Facebook on Thursday in which she showed off Christian Dog, her Christian-themed clothes brand, and Christian Dog sneakers.

The video, titled “Proud to wear,” showed the Christian Dog brand in the style of Christian Dog shoes.

“P.S. I’m Christian,” the caption reads.

“I’m a Christian woman, I like to wear Christian Dog,” Ahmed said in the video.

“It’s really good to have something to show people.”

In the video, Ahmed said the idea for the Christian Dogs came to her after she was at the airport and saw people wearing Christian Dog clothes and shoes.

She said she wanted to make Christian Dog clothing and shoes more inclusive to Muslims and people who are not Christian.

“In Jeddai, we have a lot of Muslim families, we had a lot,” she said.

“So we wanted to show our children that you can be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, you can wear whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to me, you don’t have to wear a shirt.

It doesn’t even matter to us.

It’s OK.”

Ahmed said Christian Dog has been around since 2013.

The brand was started by Ahmad’s husband, Ahmed Mohamed, who also owns a company called Islam Business, and her son, Ahmed Rizwan, who is also a Christian.

Ahmed said she decided to start the brand because she thought there wasn’t a lot for Muslim women to wear.

“We wanted to create a place where Muslims could wear their own clothes and dress their own way, and we were inspired by the women in the street who were wearing their clothes, and how we wanted them to look,” she told CNN affiliate Bawaba.

“And we started thinking, what if we can make it accessible for all of our sisters?”

Ahmed said that the brand has grown rapidly over the past year.

“When we launched in 2013, we only had one customer, and now we have three customers.

So we’ve been very, very busy, and it has been very rewarding,” Ahmed told CNN.

The Muslim women Ahmed spoke with told her that the Muslim community was very supportive of Christian dog brands, and that Christian Dog helped to bridge the gap between the Muslim and Christian communities.

“The Muslim community is very supportive,” she added.

And so, when I think of how I want to help my community, it was Christian Dog that was the inspiration for my project.” “

Christian Dog was an inspiration for me.

And so, when I think of how I want to help my community, it was Christian Dog that was the inspiration for my project.”

Christian Dog started in 2012, according to Ahmed.

She was working as a nurse and she was trying to help her community get back on their feet after years of unemployment.

She and her husband, Mohamed, were living in Jeddi, Saudi Arabia, when they started the company.

They were not only making clothes for Muslims, but also for Christians and Jews, according in the Facebook post.

“Jedda is a Muslim city.

And then Christian Dog came into our world. “

But the Muslim world is very different, and they are very different.

And then Christian Dog came into our world.

Christian dog brand Jeddar Ahmed. “

And then I decided, ‘Let’s make a Christian dog,’ and that’s how Christian Dog was born.”

Christian dog brand Jeddar Ahmed.

Christian Dog began in 2012 with the help of a group of Muslim women in Jidda, Saudi and is still in the works.

Ahmed told Business Insider that Christian dog is not a clothing brand per se.

“There’s nothing wrong with Christian dogs.

We do not want to be associated with Christianity, but the people that we’re trying to reach are Christians, and this is the place that I want Christian Dog to be able to reach,” she explained.

“This is the Christian dog that can bridge the two worlds.”

The brand has been featured in a number of Muslim-themed videos on YouTube.

Christian dog was featured in an episode of the show “Al-Jazeera.”

Ahmed told Newsmax TV in February that the video was a response to what she saw as Islamophobia surrounding the “Muslim invasion” of Saudi Arabia.

The episode, titled Muslim Invasion, also featured a Muslim woman, Amina Al-Duhabi, who was speaking out against the Muslim-majority kingdom.

Al-Zahraa, who has called on Muslims to leave Saudi Arabia because she believes it is “not safe for them to live in,” said in her video that the videos were not aimed at Muslims but to make Muslims feel “like they’re not being treated as equals.”

She said that while Muslim women are sometimes discriminated against, they are also

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