This is a guest post by Christi Dawn, author of The Bible Is My Life, and a Christian.

She’s a writer, speaker and parent of three young children.

Christi is also a founder of the website Misfitchristian Clothing and has also been a guest on the “Christians Today” podcast.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

This is a rush transcript.

Please be patient.

Thank you for your cooperation.MATT TAIBBI, CNN: You’re the author of the bestselling book, The Bible is My Life.

How did you get started writing about the Bible?

CHRISTI DAWSON: I got into it because I thought it was a fascinating book and a very interesting subject, which is really the subject of this podcast.

So I wanted to write about it, and then my son got me into it.

He started reading it.

I started reading books about it.

And it just kind of exploded, and I’m like, wow, I’m really interested in the topic.

And I was like, OK, this is a good place to start.

And then, like, my husband is a Christian and I had been reading all about it and then the next thing I know, my son was reading it, too.

MATT TAIPBI: How did your son come to be interested in Christianity?

CHRISTIFEST: I think it’s just a very natural progression, I think, from our faith and my own belief.

And that’s what it was, was that my son came from a very religious family, and so I thought that maybe I should start to think about it as a way of expressing myself.

And my husband thought that was kind of cool.

MATHIAS WALSH, CNN SENIOR BUSINESS EDITOR: You mentioned that your wife and son have a deep connection to Christianity.

CHRISTI DAWSON: Yes, exactly.

MADDOW: And that, in fact, you said that your son is reading a lot of Christian books.

Is that a sign that you’re a believer yourself?

CHRISTIFFAS WAL SHI, CNN EDITOR, “CAMERON: You said you started reading the Bible.

Do you feel you have the courage to write your own story about your faith?

CHRISTIAN: I just think, well, I mean, it’s an incredible book.

MADAM WALDER, CNN CHIEF BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: I would say yes, that’s certainly the case.

And you know, I have a pretty deep interest in the subject.

And this is just kind, you know.

And so, I am interested in learning about the faith and about the people that make up the faith.

And as I’ve said before, I believe the Bible is the word of God and I am inspired by the word.

And there’s nothing more important than that.

MALCOLM WALDEN, CNN REPORTER: You also had an experience in your life as a child, when your parents divorced.

Did that make you a believer?


I’m a pretty big believer in Jesus Christ.

And what I mean by that is that I am an evangelical.

And, you can be an atheist or an agnostic, you don’t have to be an agatheist or a skeptic, but there’s an enormous amount of truth that comes out of that.

So, I know that Jesus was the savior.

I know he died for our sins.

And he was crucified.

I knew what happened to him.

And his life is one of redemption, he’s a great example for the entire human race.

And in fact Jesus was called the Son of God because he was born in Bethlehem, where he was raised.

MARTIN PEARSON, CNN CORRESPINTS: What’s your experience with being divorced from your husband?

CHRISTIA DAWNSON: Well, my mother and father are very close and they were together when I was a child.

And they had two daughters together.

And we lived in a very conservative, conservative part of the country, so my father’s family was really conservative.

And when I grew up, my dad moved to Southern California and my mother moved to California.

And she was a very very liberal person and she moved to Los Angeles, where she lived.

And while my mom and dad had a very close relationship, they never had the same kind of affection for one another.

And after my dad died, she moved back to California and I moved back, too, to Southern Los Angeles.

And at first, they were really, really close.

And very soon, my mom moved out.

And once she got out of California, she started having problems with her husband, who was living in Arizona.

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