Durban, South Africa — Christians are a big consumer of clothing and fashion.

According to a 2017 report by the Christian Clothing Industry Association, Christian consumers spent $20.3 billion on clothing in 2018, with an average of $2,972 per household.

The average price of clothing on Christian websites was $11.97, according to Christian Clothing Market Report 2018.

The report also found that Christian apparel is increasingly seen as an affordable way to express Christianity, and brands are investing in Christian fashion as a way to reach and engage Christian consumers.

“I see Christian clothing as an extension of Christian worship and the way we are worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ,” says Katerina Koehler, director of business development at Christ Clothing International.

“In the next 10 years, Christian clothing will be a more integral part of the way Christians worship God, in their everyday lives, and the Christian lifestyle will be in the crosshairs.”

Christian clothing companies are creating new products, including new clothing and apparel lines that aim to appeal to a wider audience.

One of the biggest trends in Christian clothing is a revival of traditional Christian outfits, including dresses, skirts, skirts and coats.

Christian clothing companies have been selling the same items at discount prices for years.

“I have to admit, there are times when I think, ‘Wow, that’s just a little bit crazy,'” Koehl says.

“But Christian clothing has become very important to our culture, and we want to continue to do things the right way.”

Koehlers family is a family of three.

Koehnels daughter, Ashley, wears a dress with a lace bodice and long sleeves, which she says is a Christian tradition.

Koeshlers daughter, Grace, wears jeans, a button-up shirt and a white dress.

Kiehls son, Josh, wears the same dress with sleeves that are black.

The Koehsers said the family has tried to keep up with trends, but they can’t seem to keep the same Christian look.

“We want to have a little more freedom to be what we want, but it’s hard because we’re a family,” Koehdels says.

Kiley, Koehzels son, wears denim shorts and a dark green shirt. 

“It’s definitely hard to make a decision like that,” Kiley says.

He said he has worn Christian clothes before, but never the same clothes he usually wears to church.

Kitzhels son has a red dress with black lace bodices, and Kiley has a white skirt.

Kelli and Kitzhs daughters wear Christian dress and skirts.

“When we started Christian clothing, we were a little scared that we’d just be the next big thing,” Kelli says. 

Christian Clothing Association says that more than $5 billion is being spent on Christian clothing annually.

Kinkhaas father, David, a Christian who has been practicing for nearly 20 years, is one of the leaders in the industry.

He has designed clothes for many companies including Nike, and also runs his own clothing company, Dora Designs.

Kino Kitzhlins son, Dina, wears Christian clothes in a Christian church. 

Kino Koehrls son, Joshua, wears dresses from Christian clothing company.

Kippi Koehmels daughter wears a black dress with long sleeves. 

The Koehusers say that they are trying to remain true to the way Christian clothing was meant to be worn and worn a little differently.

“There is a difference between Christian fashion and the rest of the world,” Kiehls says.

The couple is also exploring the possibility of selling Christian clothing through a company, but said that it would be difficult for Christian families to afford such a venture.

“A Christian family would be more than a Christian family,” David says.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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