Posted September 09, 2018 11:03:51 The Christian Coalition has come under fire for saying the “Christian Coalition believes marriage is between a man and a woman” and not between a “husband and a wife.”

Key points:The new Christian coalition has been criticised for claiming the definition of marriage is different from other religionsIt also said it believes marriage should be between a husband and wifeThe new coalition has also said that people should not be forced to “convert” to the Christian faithThe new group, which includes a number of prominent members of the Christian church, is not alone in the Christian right’s call to overturn marriage equality.

However, its views have been criticised by both members of its own church and the head of the Church of England, who said it did not represent the views of the vast majority of Anglicans.

“The Christian Coalition does not represent all Anglicans,” the Rev Ian Smith told the ABC’s AM program on Monday.

“What it does represent is the view of a small group of people who want to change the way things are in the Anglican Communion.”

We don’t believe in a union between two men and two women.””

The new definition of what it means to be a Christian does not reflect the views and aspirations of the overwhelming majority of Christians in Australia.”‘

Christian values’Rev Smith said that the Christian party was “not representing all Christians”.”

They’ve had the opportunity to do that and have chosen to do so,” he said.”

It is a very small minority of Christians and it is a minority of people.””

But they have chosen not to represent the majority of people of the Anglicans, who want marriage to remain between a woman and a man.

“The new proposal from the Christian Alliance for Marriage is a significant departure from the traditional view that marriage is a union of a man, a woman.”

This is a much more nuanced approach,” Rev Smith said.

The new party also wants to overturn the definition for marriage from the Church’s own teaching and instead give the definition to the Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, a court which has jurisdiction over civil disputes.”

They have gone beyond the traditional definition of who is a Christian and who isn’t,” he added.”

To be fair to the church, it is not the only one who has taken a much broader view of the definition.””

And what the church wants to do is make sure that those who are not in agreement with it are treated equally.”‘

No one should be forced’The group also wants churches and other religious institutions to be required to teach their own beliefs on marriage and family.”

All Christian organisations are free to teach the Gospel in their own way,” Rev Cook said.

He said the church had “not been able to speak clearly about its position” in the debate and that this had led to “some people thinking that we are in disagreement with each other”.”

We have not been able [to] come together as a church and speak clearly and honestly on this issue,” he told the programme.

The group’s deputy leader, Richard Tait, said the group would not accept the definition that was being challenged.”

That definition is very narrow and does not address the vast vast majority [of Christians],” Mr Tait said.”[It] is not even a Christian position.

“Mr Tait described the new Christian group as “out of touch” and said it “should be ashamed of itself”.

He said he hoped the party would take on “some serious” questions about the church’s position on marriage equality in the future.”

Our approach is to be honest, we are not an organisation of Christian fundamentalists.

We are an organisation that is not going to engage in divisive, hateful, anti-gay politics,” he wrote in a blog post.”

For us, it would be a matter of conscience, not ideology, that we do not engage in such politics.

“If the majority believes in marriage, then we are the majority.”

Mr Smith said the Christian leader had been “brave” to stand up for the church and that the party had “the support of a significant number of people”.

“The real question is what does this Christian leader think about the values and beliefs of the majority?” he said in a video message to the ABC.

“Is he happy to be one of the very few to be calling for a redefinition of marriage?”‘

Not just for the rich’The Christian party is also not the first to take a bold stance on marriage.

Earlier this year, the Christian group, founded in 2011, made headlines when it called on its followers to “make sure that everyone gets the justice they deserve” and urged those who “have been excluded” to be “in solidarity”.

“I think that there is a strong desire in the Australian community for a fairer, more equal society, and we believe that the law must protect and promote this right,” the group’s then-president, Reverend Ian

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