Grace is the light of the world, the light that shines out of darkness and gives life to all.

Grace is love, love for God, love of neighbor, love in general.

Grace does not come in the form of money or cars.

Grace comes in the grace of Christ.

Grace came in the way of Christ, in the death of Christ and the resurrection.

Grace was given to all people at one time, at one place.

Grace will come again, and the way is paved for it.

In fact, Christ died for the salvation of the whole world and came back to life to give us the life of Christ for a time.

Grace can be found everywhere, even in the very things that make us human.

Grace also comes in love, in charity, in forgiveness, in peace, and in peace in the world.

Grace always comes in peace.

Grace has come to us.

Grace brought peace to the world because Christ died on the cross and rose again to take our place as heirs of the divine gift.

Grace brings peace because Christ has made peace with the Father.

Grace never came from the Father, and therefore, it can never come again.

Grace and the Father are one and the same.

Grace, love, and peace are not one.

Grace cannot be brought about by means of money, but by the Holy Spirit.

Grace’s source of life comes from the Spirit.

The word “sustenance” refers to the body’s life and energy, while the word “breath” refers only to the breath.

The life and breath of the body is the life and the breath of God.

The Holy Spirit has brought the life out of the Body of Christ in the blood and Spirit.

He has given it a new breath of life.

The breath of our breath comes from Christ, but the Spirit of the Son is the breath, and we breathe in the breath out of him.

The Breath is Life.

The Word “Jesus” has three names: “Lord” (Luke 3:34), “Son” (John 8:1), and “Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 5:18).

Jesus is the first person in the Bible who spoke the words of the Holy Ghost, which are the life, the breath and the Holy One of God, Jesus Christ.

The words of Jesus are the first breath of Life.

Jesus gave the Word to the apostles and taught them to say, “Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee.”

He gave the Holy Scriptures to the prophets and to the teachers and to all the people of the earth.

He is the living breath of all mankind.

The Gospel is the Living Word of Jesus Christ and it is the Life of all those who have received it.

When we see the Gospel, we see Jesus.

The meaning of the word Gospel is, “the life of the Gospel.”

The Gospel was given through the Holy Bible, the Bible of the New Testament.

The Bible contains the whole life of Jesus and the whole truth of the life in the Gospel.

In the Bible, Jesus is called “the Living Word” and “the Son of the living God.”

All the prophets are called “Hebrews,” and the apostles are called, “Heirs.”

All of them were baptized into Christ.

All of their apostles were baptized in the Holy Land.

The first apostles came to the Holy City.

All who have been baptized in Christ, including the apostles, were baptized with the Holy Baptism.

The Apostles came to believe that Jesus Christ was the only Son of God and that He came to earth as the Son of Man.

The Apostle Paul, the last of the apostles of the early Christian Church, wrote, “There is one Lord, and there is one baptism, for there is none other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

The Apostles were baptized by the Lord in the name of the Father and of the Word and of God the Father Almighty.

All the Apostles received the Holy Communion from the Holy Trinity.

We all received the Lord’s Supper from Him.

All were baptized at the foot of the Cross.

The Lord gave the Apostles the Holy Supper.

We received the bread and the wine and the Body and Blood of Jesus at the hands of the Apostles, and at the feet of the Lord.

We receive the Body, Blood, and Blood partaking of the Sacraments from Jesus in the Name of the Most High God.

We are partakers of the same Body, blood, and Holy Spirit, that Jesus gave to us at the Last Supper and that he gives to us today in the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Jesus came to bring us the kingdom of God for His glory and for the glory of His Father.

Jesus is our Redeemer, and he is the Savior of the World.

He was born of Mary the mother of Jesus, the mother and the bridegroom of the Lamb.

The world was

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