By now, you’ve probably noticed that some NFL teams are having some kind of issue with players not having a wife or a job.

There’s even talk of putting the onus on players to get married and have kids.

Some players are getting fired or forced out of the league for not having an official wife or job.

Now, a new study shows that’s not the only way that fathers in the NFL have an impact on the kids they raise.

According to a study from the American Academy of Pediatrics, dads have a significant impact on their kids’ educational achievement.

The study found that kids who had fathers who weren’t working were three times more likely to be in the lowest grade in school.

In fact, one of the main reasons kids have trouble getting to school is because of the way their parents interact with them.

If dads weren’t around, the study found, the children who did have fathers working would have done better academically.

“The children of fathers who are not working are more likely than the children of other fathers to be placed in special education classes, and are less likely to complete high school,” the study said.

“It also is important to note that children of absent fathers are more than four times more than those who are present, as well as more likely not to complete the high school graduation rate.”

The study is interesting because it doesn’t say whether dads should be allowed to get a job in the first place, but it does suggest that there is a positive relationship between being a dad and your children’s academic achievement.

As the AP notes, a lot of studies have shown that kids raised by a mother are more successful than kids raised without one.

The AP’s research found that if a dad had no job, he had a 30 percent lower likelihood of being in the top fifth of high school dropouts, and a 16 percent lower chance of graduating from high school.

It’s important to remember that the AP study didn’t examine dads who weren.

So it’s not clear if fathers in general or fathers who aren’t working in particular would be negatively affected by their children’s lack of job opportunities.

But the idea that dads have an economic impact on kids is something that can be taken seriously.

The NFL is starting to implement a new policy that will allow teams to get rid of dads from their rosters.

The change comes as part of the NFL’s commitment to better supporting its players and families.

In recent years, players have been outspoken about the problem of fathers being absent from their homes.

The problem has been compounded by the NFL Players Association’s attempt to get the NFL to take more aggressive action against players who are absent without a wife.

As part of that initiative, it recently announced that it will be launching a new website to provide parents with information on how to support their children during pregnancy and child care.

The new website will feature information about how to raise your kids, offer resources and more.

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