Pope Francis is a man of few words.

But he’s been able to make some headlines with his bold and often controversial style, and his penchant for taking on controversial topics like abortion and euthanasia has led some to call for a more inclusive church.

What you don’t know about Pope Francis: He’s the first pope to have been born in the United States and he was raised in Argentina.

His father is an American citizen.

His mother is an Italian.

His grandparents were American Catholics.

He’s also Catholic.

How to tell if Pope Francis has a point: He has spoken out against abortion and assisted suicide.

He has also said that a woman’s body is her own and he’s criticized the Church for failing to preach the truth about the “moral, spiritual, and sexual dimensions” of the family.

In March, Pope Francis met with some of the country’s biggest Catholic leaders and addressed their concerns about the Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse allegations against priests, bishops, and other clergy.

The pope has said that he is not trying to “change” the Catholic church or to take on the Vatican.

But in his recent comments, he also made a strong argument for the importance of the Church’s teachings.

Pope Francis’s style has been described as “Catholic but conservative.”

It’s not an easy sell for the pope, but his message is that the Church should focus on its mission, not its style.

What to know: In 2015, Francis was elected the first Catholic pope in the history of the Catholic world, and he is considered the most influential figure in the Catholic religion.

He is the first pontiff to be born outside the United Kingdom.

He was born in Argentina, but grew up in Argentina and attended the Jesuit-run Jesuit High School of the Americas.

He married a woman from Argentina.

He served as an altar boy at the Jesuit school.

He received his bachelor’s degree in theology at Harvard Divinity School and his law degree at Yale Law School.

He left Harvard Divinity and joined the Jesuit mission to Argentina.

Pope John Paul II called him “the most significant person in our Christian tradition.”

What’s next: He is expected to preside over the canonization of St. Francis of Assisi, the first Latin American pope, in September 2019.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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