A Christmas classic has been accused of causing “stinky” odours in the city, and prompting complaints of “stinking children”.

The “God Bless America” film was shot in the New York metropolitan area, with the original set on display in Times Square, but the original location of the film has been taken down by the city.

“This is a wonderful city and the smell is not a problem,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference in Manhattan.

“It’s not just a film set.

It’s a city.

It smells like Christmas.

It doesn’t smell like New York.

It does not smell like any city in the world.”

The New York City Film Critics Circle called the film a “gross misstep” in a statement, with director Joel Coen saying he “absolutely and unequivocally” denies the allegations.

“There is no such film as God Bless America, as the critics have made clear,” the statement read.

It is the second time a film has sparked complaints about Santa.”

It’s called Santa Claus and it’s a fun holiday tradition.”

It is the second time a film has sparked complaints about Santa.

In February, a video of a man in a Santa suit, wearing a red Santa hat and carrying a bag of presents, sparked an outcry in China.

The city’s film festival, The Golden Festival, was also hit by criticism.

“In recent years, many festivals have been attacked by ‘Santa-haters’ who have not only ignored the festival’s traditions but even mocked it and the people who make it possible,” it said in a blogpost.

“As a result, festivals have had to put up with increasingly bizarre behaviour from people who are so out of touch with reality that they do not even realise they are insulting our holiday traditions.”


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