The first-time wearer of the free conservative clothing collection is a young conservative in her late teens who lives in Austin, Texas.

The collection, titled “Cleaning Up My Family,” includes T-shirts, hats, scarves and other apparel that were designed by the group Freedom from Religion Foundation.

It’s part of a $1 million effort that the group says aims to help curb the spread of Christianity in the United States.

It aims to use the collection to educate parents and kids about the Bible and other Christian beliefs.

“The clothing is designed to help kids and families make a more informed decision about how they want to dress,” said Matthew McWilliams, who heads the group’s Southern Baptist Convention branch.

The group says it is using the collection as a way to spread Christian values in the public square and to teach kids about faith and morality.

“We wanted to make sure that our children had some sort of a tool that would let them make informed decisions about the clothes and the culture they wanted to follow,” said McWilliams.

The clothing collection, which features more than 30 pieces, is meant to be worn by teens and young adults.

The items range from T-shirt designs, such as the “Piggybacking on the Power of Jesus” to “Treat Your Dog as Your Own,” to shirts featuring a quote from the Bible, like, “God gave the devil everything.”

There are also some more practical items, like an “I’m a Christian, so I know I can go to church and be Christian,” and an “American Atheists is a Non-profit,” as well as an “Atheist Flag of Love,” a shirt featuring the Christian symbol, the cross, with the word “Love” written across it.

Athletes, athletes’ clothing, and political and religious apparel are among the items in the collection.

The first-person collection of the collection is currently available online for $12.99.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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